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For Private Individutal sessions call Rik at (415) 786-5456 or email him at rik@comingintobalance.com. Rik is currently accepting new clients and doing Tele-therapy and Virtual Sessions.

Rik Center is a Mindful Somatic Therapeutic Practitioner & Counselor who utilizes the core aspects of SE/Somatic Experiencing® and Mindfulness Training with his clients.  Our work together will allow for the nervous system and thought patterns, to return to a natural state of calm and wholeness.

Do you often feel stressed, anxious and/or overwhelmed?  Reaching emotional distressed patterns (an intertwining of our emotional and neurological body) are many times unable to be resolved through conventional cognitive therapy, bodywork and/or movement therapy

As Client and Practitioner…we work together in releasing freezes and blocks in how the body holds life’s “little traumas” and “big traumas” that over stress our bodily systems and thinking patterns.  The body can learn how to reestablish its ability to stabilize and regulate itself without becoming overwhelmed. Change can happen naturally, gaining a sense of clarity and moving in the world with a sense of safety, boundaries, calm and more joy.

Do you find yourself stuck or frozen in unproductive patterns, either at work or in your personal life?

Unraveling Emotional Distressed Patterns…Dissolve: depression, fatigue, panic, grief, anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, abandonment & betrayal, childhood trauma, migraines, fibromyalgia, PTSD, OCD, IBS, ADD, negative personal & work patterns, and many recurring chronic health symptoms. Our nervous system can return to a natural state of calm awareness. Bringing resolution and transformation to these distressed areas my work is the support and help that I offer to clients..

The body can learn how to reestablish its ability to stabilize and regulate itself without becoming overwhelmed. Be a creative partner in your life versus living as a reactive participant!

Support & Healing Services

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My teaching style uses an integrated Mindfulness Somatic embodied approach. It allows for people to touch into their stress and unresolved anxieties with a compassion heart and humor.

Mindfulness and Meditation

A mindfulness and meditation practice is not about achievement or reaching enlightenment.  It’s about knowing and understanding in seeing more clearly here and now…in this moment.

One on One Sessions Stress/Anxiety Resolution

Release freezes and blocks — how the body holds life’s “little traumas” and “big traumas” — that over-stress our bodily systems and thinking patterns.

Speaking Engagements and Seminars

Rik is available for speaking engagements and workshops. He can either be of support for your conferences and/or lead your seminars and employee retreats.

For Private Individutal sessions call Rik at (415) 786-5456 or email him at rik@comingintobalance.com.

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Can we understand preferences, versus seeing the world in either rights and wrongs? This solid or conditioned way of viewing life in the terms of good and bad, produces only suffering and un-satisfactoriness for ourselves and others.

Rik Center

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I began working with Rik after a very difficult year in which my boyfriend of two years left me; my business which I was so passionate about, failed; I had to go back to a line of work that I swore I would never go back to; and I had debt that needed to be paid off from the business.   When I walked into my first session with Rik I had the total and complete feeling of hopelessness.  I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, very overwhelmed and with very little hope of my future.    The techniques and the one on one coaching that Rik provided totally Rocked My World.   The individual coaching and counseling and the compassion as well as the attention Rik provided ended up totally turning me around.   Within a very short time of learning his techniques, the weight of the world was gone, hopelessness gone and now I am very excited about the future.  Also, that business that failed…It is revived and coming back.      If you want live a life of greatness, fun, peace and joy.  Then Rik is your man.
M.M., Client